The Belew Family Association's four-fold mission is designed to preserve the Belew/Ballew/Belue family ancestry and their contributions to Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, and the United States history through programs of:

  • Education of the general-public, as well as the thousands of descendants about the contributions of Belew ancestors in history;
  • Development of strong international relations with counterparts in United Kingdom and other locations globally;
  • Assist with the preservation of historic churches and other historic sites with ties to the Belew family; and
  • Preserve and acquire items of Belew family significance.

    Education is central to the Belew Family Association mission. The key components in our educational endeavors are as follows:

    Annual Meetings

    The Association’s annual meeting will be held each year. The program includes guided tours of historic sites in the United States as well as periodic trips to Canada, England and Ireland. Local and nationally recognized speakers, as well as members have presented talks on topics about Belew ancestors contributions in history, Belew family genealogy, and historic preservation of historic churches and sites with significant historic ties to the Belew family.


    The Association’s members receive a newsletter each year. This professionally-designed publication includes information about Association’s activities and programs, informative articles about Belew contributions in history and its historic sites in Canada, England, Ireland, and the United States.


    The Association’s websites, www.belewfamilyassociation.org and www.belewgenealogy.org, contains historical information, news, profiles of officers, program promotion, a Belew store where all publications, and related items can be ordered, and member accessible genealogy information. There is some information on the websites that can only be accessible by members.


    The development of strong ties with ancestral villages and towns and descendants located in England and Ireland are an important part of the Association’s mission since its inception.

    Approximately every three to five years the Association sponsors a trip to England or Ireland for its members and guests. The group visits the ancestral villages and towns of Belew ancestors and other historic sites with ties to the Belew family. Close ties have also developed with various residents of these ancestral villages and other historic sites and various other Belew descendants located in England, Ireland and the United States.


    Association assistance in preservation of historic churches and other historic sites with ties to the Belew family has been important to the Association’s mission. To this end, the Association has fostered strong ties with ancestral villages and towns in England, Ireland and United States to help with their preservation of these historic sites.