How to Reserve Online for the Bellew Ireland/Scotland Tour 2022:

1. Enter your credit card details at this secure site as below including the name of the tour: Bellew Heritage Tour 2022 in the “Booking Agent” field Click Here!

Please note this site does not take any money from your card, it just records the details and sends them to the travel agent’s office in a secure manner where debits are actioned within 48 hours.

2. Next, fill out booking details at: Click Here!
Click 'Submit' and this will then be sent directly to The Irish Tourism Group.
Room type definitions: Twin= 2 beds; Double= 1 Queen or King Bed; Single= 1 Bed.

3. They will process the deposit and email a confirmation invoice which will have the date the balance is due (60 days prior to travel.)

4. The balance will be taken automatically on the due date, January 26, 2022, using the same credit card unless the travel agency hears from you that you will be making payment by another method/card.

5. Please email Christy Kuriatnyk, the Bellew Heritage Tour Coordinator, at to be added to the group list for updates.

6. Follow the Bellew Heritage Tour 2022 Facebook page for updates and information: Visit us on Facebook!

Reserving by Phone:
Alternatively, you can call Ann Massey toll free at the travel agency office to book: 1 (877 )298 7205 (U.S. & Canada) or 0800 096 9438 (International.)

A 20% deposit* will be required to book this tour. All balances will have to be paid by January 25, 2022 (60 days prior.) As more people book, your balance will automatically be reduced when the group number reaches the next cost level. (See fee schedule.) You will be kept up to date on the cost level (bookings.)