A new way to research!

(Currently there is no "organized association"! If you are interested in helping getting this effort moving forward please use the CONTACT US link.

Today, there is an effort, from the old group and the new group, to generate interest in the Belew/Ballew/Ballou Family History!

With the advent of new software and websites, genealogy has become easier and more difficult. Gone are the days of taking off of work and driving to a courthouse and asking permission to search documents. Days and hours of turning pages in books or microfilm can now be done with the click of mouse.

But with that freedom comes volumes of information from 'unverified' sources. People will have errors in their lineage and it will be (and is) copied over and over and over. So what do you believe? Some people are interested in 'proving' their family lineage, not just copying it from a website.

A small group of genealogists (old association members and new members) have made the commitment to verify, as much as they can, Belew/Ballew/Ballou genealogy while including family stories, documents, photos, video, audio and history. If you have ever done genealogy research, you understand how important this can be.

In doing this we need to generate as much interest to new families. More input can mean more involvement with updated and/or new family information. All focused on one surname and it's variants.

Now days we have genealogical DNA to help. A whole new field of science that gives us a tool to join with or verify paper trails. A new area of genealogy is here! Combing this field with paper records and focusing on one family is rarely done in one group. That's the idea of the new Belew Family Association.

To continue what the Ballew Association of American started in a new way and move it into the future. Taking what they learned, discovered, archived and combined from 500+ members over 37 years, and moving it forward. With new tools!

Please consider supporting this dedicated group of unpaid volunteers so they can give back to you. You can help by doing many things. It may be as simple as submitting you family history, or helping or research, or making a donation to offset expenses. Website hosting, genealogy research memberships, printing, software subscriptions and other resources are needed and paid for by our volunteers. Please help where/if you can. Consider a membership and get involved!