Belew's Chapel General Baptist Church was founded in 1910 in northeastern Gibson County, Tennessee. The land was owned by Robert Lewis Belew, who deeded the tract of land that the church now sits on in 1910 to the General Baptist Church at Mount Zion.

Mt. Zion Church of Christ had existed previously during the late nineteenth century across the road from Belew's Chapel and the Mt. Zion Cemetery is now known as Belew's Chapel Cemetery. The newly established General Baptist Church was given the name Belew's Chapel to honor Robert Lewis Belew.

Belew's Chapel is situated southeast of Bradford, Tennessee (about 7 miles from the center of town) and north of Milan, Tennessee (about 9 miles from the center of town) at the intersection of Gann Road and Belew's Chapel Road. The church building faces southward. To the west is a large man made lake and to the east is beautiful Belew's Chapel Cemetery.

The oldest recorded burial in the cemetery was of Molcy J. Hill, who was deceased in 1871, nearly four decades before Belew's Chapel Church was founded. At that time, the cemetery was known as Mount Zion. The church grounds are arguably one of the most beautiful spots in West Tennessee with rolling hills, fields and pastures, lakes, ponds, trees, and open sky.

The current building was remodeled in the early 1960s. Prior to that time, the church faced eastward. The major remodeling efforts of earlier church years led to a church building with a brick facade and modern sanctuary, restrooms, and Sunday School rooms.

In the 1970s, more remodeling and additions were made. A baptistery was constructed on the north side of the sanctuary (prior to its construction, most baptisms were held at nearby historic Shade's Bridge in Skullbone). The small basement kitchen was expanded into the currently large, spacious fellowship hall which can easily accommodate many people. Above the newly-expanded basement were added six Sunday School rooms for the education of children and adults.